• Quickfire Signup - creating an account literally takes mere seconds
  • No deposit and no credit card required to sign up
  • Seamless navigation
  • Provably Fair algorithm
  • Free bitcoins every hour
  • Simple bitcoin dice game
  • Sports, crypto, and entertainment betting
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly promotions with instant payouts
  • Lamborghini giveaway
  • Exciting rewards including iPhones, Kindles, Hardware Wallets, and more
  • Earn interest on bitcoin balance daily
  • Lucrative referral commissions
  • No mobile app

About was launched in 2013 as a Bitcoin Faucet, a website where a visitor can solve a simple captcha to earn free bitcoins. Over time, it evolved, incorporating a HI-LO dice game, contests, promotions, and more, making a tempting prospect for bitcoin gamblers everywhere. And it still gives away Free Bitcoins Up To $200 Every Hour, to this day!

Today, has over 38 million registered users, 110 billion games played, and $2 billion in BTC won by users. According to a report published by SEMrush, is the third-largest gambling website in the world, after Bet365 and


When you visit, you are greeted by a flashy home page with a sign up/login form and all the information that you’d possibly want to know about the website and its offerings. It’s simple, it’s attractive, and it gets you right into the action!

Every option is well-articulated, and everything is self-explanatory. Scroll down to read through the detailed information or just sign up with your email address and get started.


Play Now

Once you sign up, you are greeted with this page. This is the Free BTC page where you can solve a captcha every hour to earn free bitcoins. Every option at the top is linked to a new page and a separate feature. Every page and its corresponding feature is explained thoroughly. Your account balance is always visible at the top right, and the menu makes navigation at an absolute breeze.


User Experience

How Easy Is It to Create an Account?

When you visit, you are immediately greeted with a Signup form. Creating an account is incredibly easy – you only have to enter your email address, solve a captcha, and hit the Sign Up button. That’s it! Entering a password is optional; if you leave that field empty, auto-generates a password and sends it to you in an email. You can change your password anytime you want.

Once you click on Sign Up, an account and bitcoin wallet is automatically assigned to you. No KYC, no deposits, no Credit Card – the whole process of creating an account at is extremely short, and you’ll be playing, earning, and winning BTC within seconds.

The Interface – How Is the Page Formatted?

The website’s simplistic, clutter-free design is a sight for sore eyes. From the outset, it’s clear what you can accomplish at At the top, there’s an extensive menu encompassing all the features available on the website. At the end of that menu, your account balance (in Bitcoin) is clearly visible.

Below the menu, you have Deposit and Withdraw buttons. Clicking on either of these will bring up popups with self-explanatory information and processes. Further down, you get the Daily Jackpot banner with a counter, a leaderboard, and a timer.

Scrolling even further, you see a text saying, “THIS GAME IS PROVABLY FAIR.” Clicking on it brings up a popup that comprehensively explains the website’s provably fair algorithm. Below that, you will see the Free BTC table. Solve the captcha and hit ROLL to earn Free BTC, which is immediately added to your balance in the top right corner.

Every other page you visit has its own set of self-explanatory instructions that quell any confusion. Navigating a bitcoin casino couldn’t be easier than it is at


What Kind of Games Are There, And How Many? is known predominantly for its HI-LO Dice Game that runs on a proprietary, provably fair algorithm. Besides that, they have a parimutuel betting section that is constantly updated with new events, sporting or otherwise. These are the only “games” available at; however, there is a glut of promotions surrounding these games that elevates your gambling experience.

Is Free Play Available at

In a way, yes. As we saw earlier, you can earn free bitcoins on the Free BTC page every hour. Once you’ve built up a sizable balance, you can use it to wager on the Multiply BTC game or on Betting events. You get to keep all winnings, no strings attached.

Loading Speeds & Game Windows

According to GTmetrix, the website’s home page takes 3.82 seconds to load, which is excellent. Once you sign up, the main page takes around 9 seconds to load, which includes everything on the website. There are no external game windows; every feature you access from the menu loads completely in less than a second. There is no noticeable lag.

Software Developers & Game Developers

Every aspect of, from the provably fair algorithm to the games to the promotions to the bitcoin faucet, has been developed in-house. The Free BTC faucet, the Multiply BTC game, Parimutuel Betting, and all the promotions are provably fair.

Mobile Friendliness and Responsiveness

The gaming experience is exactly the same on mobile. Access from a web browser on any smart device. The developers have perfectly optimized the website for smartphone use, and you won’t ever feel anything is missing. It doesn’t matter if you’re an iOS, Android, or Windows user; can be accessed from any device.

Bonuses and Promotions

The vast array of bonuses and promotions is where shines the brightest. There’s a contest for everyone, and everyone gets a chance to win. Here’s a brief description of every promotion at

  • Refer a Friend: gives you a referral URL that your friends can use to Sign Up to the website. You get 50% commissions and other benefits for life, no strings attached.
  • Daily Jackpot: The Daily Jackpot is a progressive jackpot that allows users to win guaranteed prize money every day. The user with the highest daily wagering volume wins the jackpot when the timer ends. The timer refreshes every 24 hours when the jackpot restarts.
  • Weekly Lottery: The weekly lottery starts every Monday. All your lottery tickets earned during the week are entered into a provably fair draw, which picks out 10 lucky winners every Sunday, with total prizes equaling $7,500 in BTC.
  • Monthly Contest: has a month-long contest where users can compete for $32,500 in BTC in total prize money. It is divided into 2 contests, and users have to be in the top 10 for at least one of them to win a guaranteed prize at the end of the month.
  • Lamborghini Giveaway: This is the biggest giveaway on the website, and it runs for 6 months. Users have to collect Golden Tickets by performing certain actions. A provably fair lottery picks out a winner when the contest ends. The winner gets to choose between a Lamborghini or $200,000 in BTC.
  • Earn Interest on Your BTC Balance: is the only place where you can earn interest on your BTC like a bank. They pay an annual interest rate of 4.08% annually, compounded daily.
  • Reward Points: Users earn Reward Points on the website by performing certain actions. They can collect Reward Points and redeem them for exciting rewards like iPhones, Kindles, Hardware Wallets, Gift Cards, Bonuses, and more.
  • Free BTC Bonus: Playing frequently and rolling high will help you earn bonuses on your Free BTC rolls so that you can earn a higher amount of BTC with every roll.
  • Multiply BTC Bonus: has a Multiply BTC bonus that you can only use on their HI-LO dice game. If you fulfill certain wagering conditions, you get to keep the bonus and all the corresponding winnings.

Currencies, Banking Methods, and Limits, as the name suggests, deals entirely in Bitcoin. The website creates a Bitcoin wallet for you and gives you a personal deposit address. You can use your own personal wallet to deposit BTC into your account using this address. There is no minimum deposit amount.

Withdrawals are also incredibly easy. You get 3 withdrawal options: Auto, Slow, and Instant.

The Auto option helps the website transfer BTC to your personal wallet every Sunday, for a per-transaction fee of 0.00003 BTC (3,000 satoshis) or lower, depending on the current Slow withdrawal fee.

The Slow option lets you withdraw BTC from your account for a variable transaction fee. This process takes 6-24 hours.

The Instant option lets you withdraw BTC from your account for a variable transaction fee much higher than the Slow option. This process takes up to 15 minutes.

Minimum withdrawal is 0.0003 BTC (30,000 satoshis), regardless of the method used. Withdrawals are reliable and confirmed by the Bitcoin network.

Languages, Country Restrictions, and Licensing

We found that can be accessed from any country in the world. While the website doesn’t support any other language but English, you can use Google Translate to get a passable translation of everything on the website.

Security & Support

Every user that creates an account at is anonymous. doesn’t ask you for your name or any other personal details. It’s a simple, straightforward, gambling-oriented website. Their provably fair algorithm is clearly explained on the website and can be tested for authenticity and fairness by anyone, creating a trustless ecosystem for players everywhere. Furthermore, the website runs entirely on the Bitcoin network, making it almost invulnerable from hackers.

Speaking about support, you can only reach them via email or via their thread on the BitcoinTalk forum. They are responsive and helpful as far as we could tell. However, the lack of live chat, online forms, and phone support is somewhat of a drawback, although we cannot blame them for having a totally secure, anonymous platform.

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